I Now Have Blog Buttons!

Finally, the Modern Monday and Traditional Tuesday blog buttons are ready! If you'd like to add one or both buttons to your blog, use the code found on the left. Let me know if you have trouble installing it and maybe I can help you through it. It's really easy to do.

And while we're talking, I'd like to tell you about the wonderful graphic designer who designed the new look for my blog. Her name is Sarah Moser of Mosh Designs, and she is a miracle worker! I knew for a long time I had to do something to the design. My old blog was black with white type. Besides being way too dark for my new attitude, it was also difficult to read on some monitors.

Enter Sarah. I first met her at the KCMQG (yes, she's a quilter in her own right - doubly wonderful!). After some time I kept hearing her name pop up when people were talking about their blog design. I knew she was someone I had know! I approached her about the redesign and she said yes. Working with her was a breeze - she was open to all my suggestions and came up with her own, too. When all was said and done, the design we came up with is just perfect for me and the blog!

Check her out at her blog: moshiecreations.wordpress.com


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