Potholder Swap Revealed!

I'm finally happy to reveal the results of a fun little swap I participated in last month. My guild (KCMQG) and the Portland Modern Quilt Guild got together to exchange names and make each other a potholder. I was so excited about this swap - not only did I get to create a fun new little project, but we also got to make some new cyber friends from a far away land!

How it worked was we each got a name of one Portland guild member (along with their blog name, flickr group, etc.) Each provided a little guidance about what colors they might like. Other than that the only rule was that the potholder had to incorporate a log cabin block somehow.

I first cyber-stalked my person. I found out her name is Michelle Freedman and her blog is called Design Camp. After stalking her for a while to get a sense of her style, I decided to do whatever I want and threw her suggestions to the wind! Here's what I did for her.
I made oven mitt potholders! I traced my hand and used that as the template. Then I made an over-sized log cabin block and traced the template onto freezer paper and cut out the log cabin.
This is a vintage 60s or 70s print that I backed the green potholder with. It also served as the color inspiration. The blue one is backed with a green solid. I used insulated batting and quilted them simply following the shape of the logs on the block. No fancy quilting required.
But making the potholders was only half of the equation! The best part was getting one in return. Mine came from Linda Nussbaum of Surrounded by Scraps.
I love the prints. You know I don't collect a lot of prints, so these are all new to me! How did she know I like orange? Maybe she stalked me!
I'm using it already. Here I am making chili last night!
And I was so inspired by this challenge, I came up with a couple of other vintage-looking little treats!
I love this little owl! I drew her a long time ago and never knew what to do with her. The left is a potholder made from all authentic 70s prints - many from my grandmother's stash. The small one on the right is a coaster. The gray print has small dogs on it. I bought that fabric for my middle son (only a fq, so the project had to be small!) I thought putting a dog print on an owl was funny. He just grunted. (He's 15 - all he does is grunt!)
Thanks to Michelle, Linda and the Portland Modern Guild for a fun little swap and for the inspiration!


  1. I tried to download the Monday & Tuesday blocks, but everytime I go to the download page, it goes to the page, then within a second or two, the page goes blank. I've tried it numerous times - is there something wrong with the page, or is it me? (I really hope it's not me, 'cause I wouldn't know how to fix it!!) Could you let me know? Thanks so much!!


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