Traditional Tuesday - Block 16

Square Within a Square
Block 16 - Square Within a Square
This block is a nice alternate block for a quilt top. Paired with a more intricately pieced block, it adds more than just a plain fabric square, but isn't so time consuming to piece. It also works well for a signature block.

I chose two blue prints - both batiks in shades of blue.

  • From the light blue, cut 1 - 4 3/4" square
  • From the dark blue, cut 2 - 3 7/8" squares. Cut each in half on the diagonal. Note: I like to oversize things, so I cut my squares 4 1/4" to give me room to square it up perfectly after sewing.
For January, all my blocks are going to be blue. These are two batiks I bought for a quilt that never got made. I have so many blue batiks that I think they'll be showing up in my quilts for YEARS!

Lay out your pieces like they will be sewn.
Sew a triangle to opposite sides of the square, pressing to the triangles. To do this, you'll need to line them up perfectly. I finger press a crease in the center of both the square and the triangle. You can just barely see the crease in the photo. If you crease the triangle with right sides together and the square with wrong sides together, the pieces nest together snugly making it very easy to sew this accurately. You can pin the pieces before sewing or not. On larger pieces I pin, on smaller ones I don't. Just be careful as you guide your fabric along as you're piecing so the ending triangle tip lines up and doesn't shift.
Next, sew the remaining two triangles on and press.
Square up if necessary to 6 1/2".

I'd like to introduce you to a new Traditional Tuesday quilter, Andrea. She's recently joined our community but is catching up very quickly. She has chosen a delicious color palate of reproduction reds and creams to make her blocks. Check her out for some inspiration! Welcome Andrea! For more inspiration, click on the MM/TT Community button at the top of the page.

If you blog or flickr about your Traditional Tuesday blocks, let me know and I'll add you to the list!


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