Modern Monday - Block 22

Jewel Box

Block 22 - Jewel Box
I'm not 100% sure that's the name of this block, but until I can figure out it's true name, I'm sticking with Jewel Box! This block looks great like this or on point. Again, it's wonky with many points cut off!

I chose an orange print and light gray for this version.

  • From the gray, cut 2 - 3" squares AND 1 - 5" square
  • From the orange, cut 6 - 3" squares
Do you like my new orange print! I got it at Goodwill for $2.50. It was a women's shirt. Not surprisingly, it was in good condition. The great thing about liking things most people don't is you can get bargains! I got almost 1/2 yard of useable fabric from it.
The cut fabrics. Many are over-sized. Cut 4 of the orange squares in half on the diagonal to yield 8 triangles.

Make the half-square triangles with the remaining orange and gray 3" squares. I made 2 - 2 1/2" unfinished and 2 - 2". I thought it might add to the wonkyness. You can make them all the same size if you choose.
I cut the large gray square so the sides aren't straight. I didn't go crazy with this in case it would be too small when trimming to size at the end. Next, sew 2 triangles to adjacent sides of 1 HST. Do this for all 4 HSTs.
Sew all 4 pieced triangle unit to each edge of the gray square. I trimmed the triangles so the seam allowance is exactly 1/4". I didn't want all the gray triangles to be floating. It's a mess at this point!
Trim to 6 1/2" unfinished. Mine was just barely big enough! Seems to be a continuous theme with me!


  1. Mine are all coming out too big so I'm trimming to 7 1/2". But I'm enjoying the idea of this hugely and will include some of my own designs too. Thanks for the inspiration


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