Traditional Tuesday - Block 21

Happy Valentine's Day!
Block 21 - Heart
Today's the big day! Have you done your shopping for your sweetheart yet? We don't do gifts, but instead cook a nice dinner together and drink wine. All 3 kids will be home so it will be a nice night all around. We might even sit at the table instead of watching Wheel of Fortune with dinner on our laps! Sorry Pat and Vanna!

This sweet little valentine block is paper pieced, so brush off your pp skills or check out these tutorials: Fresh Lemons or Crafty Gemini (long, but worth it!).

For my block, I dug around in my reds and actually found a red with white hearts fabric! It must have come from my mom's stash, because I have never bought heart fabric in my entire life - too cutesy for me, but perfect for this block. The calico is from Barbara Brackman's Old-Fashioned Calico line by Moda. Wonderfully nostalgic! I don't usually pair up two prints in one block, but the results are very sweet! Once again, I'm doing things I "never" do with these blocks and am loving every minute of it!

Here's the fabrics and the pp pattern. To access the pattern, click here.
After paper-piecing, your block will look a little over sized! (Is that a seam ripper in the upper right corner?! I'm not ashamed to tell you I had to rip out a few seams on this block!)
Trim to 6 1/2". You can do this from the back and use the lines as a guide or from the front.
I like this way best because I can see if I'm actually cutting off points or not.
After the block is trimmed, tear off the paper. Do this slowly so you don't tear apart the seams. Press and voila! You're done!
Don't forget to check out my tutorial on turning this block into a wonky, cute V-day wall hanging over at Crafty Tammie's blog. Also, today is the last day to enter all her cool contests and giveaways. Be sure to enter!


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