Modern Monday - Block 25

Block 25 - Pendants
This block would make a great alternate block or rows of them strung together would give a quilt a vaguely "Gee's Bend" feel to it.

I chose a variety of gray, blue, orange and orange prints for mine. You'll need about 7, but this is your decision how many colors to have depending on how thin or wide you want your triangles.

Rough cut your fabric into triangles about 7" long. Make them as wide or as thin as you choose. Mine are about 2" at the widest, down to a point.
Here's my fabrics. (New orange print! The polka dots!)

Here's some of the triangles. I made one side on the straight-of-grain to give them some stability when sewing. Lay out your triangles making sure to keep the colors balanced throughout. I chose to keep the oranges mainly on one side and the grays and blues on the other side.
Sew the triangles together, making sure they are at least 6 1/2" wide as you go. I show adding the last one on above. I had a rectangle of my fabric, so I didn't bother cutting a triangle from it. I laid it at an angle over the bottom triangles and stitched.

Cut off the excess to a 1/4" seam allowance and press to one side.

Square up the block to 6 1/2" and you're done!


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