Modern Monday - Block 27

Basket Weave
Block 27 - Basket Weave
A Basket Weave quilt has been on my Bucket List for quite some time. It's simple construction makes it a snap to piece and it can be as scrappy or as controlled as you like, making it incredibly versatile. The illusion of the weave comes from using the same fabric for the end stripes. I've seen some deceptively simple and creative layouts of the Basket Weave block. Yep, someday, I'm going to make it!

Here's a quick mock-up of the block done up in a quilt. See how you turn every other block, similar to a rail fence, to get the illusion of the basket weave? Of course this is wonky, so we see a wonky weave! (Ooohhh, could that be a quilt name?!) Try to imagine this more scrappy with more fabrics - beautiful!

I chose my standard, print, solid, solid, solid. (Am I getting predictable?) Look for a range of value and color in the four fabrics you choose.

From each of the three center fabrics, cut wedges about 2" to 1 1/2". You don't want the narrow end to be so narrow that it goes to a point when piecing the block. We'll cut the two ends after piecing these.
I like variety and a mix of values (lights to darks) when choosing fabrics. Too much of one thing is too much!
Lay out the cut wedges how you choose.
Sew the wedges together. Place your 6 1/2" ruler on top to see about how wide you need to cut the end wedges.

Sew the ends on, and trim to 6 1/2".


  1. Hi Jenifer -
    I'm absolutely loving this project! These Modern Monday blocks are so liberating (hence my post titled "quilting under the influence". :o)


  2. Mind boggling article. I am really glad that I found your article.


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