Sheila's Barn Art for your Front Door

Sheila's Barn Art
A while back, I posted this photo on FB about the art my friend, Sheila made for her front entry. Some people asked how she did it, so I asked her and she graciously told me. Below is how you can make your own Barn Art for your front entrance!

Sheila's Barn Art
  • 24" x 24" scrap of wood (Sheila's is maple, but any will do). Make sure it's thick enough that it won't warp.
  • White paint for primer 
  • Outdoor paint in the colors you want your "block" to be. Sheila used Valspar from Lowe's. You can get it in sample sizes with screw-on lids. This is cheaper than buying a quart and you won't have leftovers you might not need.
  • Green painter's tape (not blue, it sticks she says).
  • Graph paper (1/4" = 1")
First, decide on the block you want to use and draw it out on the graph paper. You will transfer these measurements to the board in the next step.

Next, paint your wood with primer. Once it is dry, then measure out the sections of the "block" on the board with the green tape. Start painting in the center. When the first section is completely dry, remove the tape, tape off the next section and paint. Continue on like this until it is finished. Let it cure for a few days before hanging it near your front door!

If you actually have a barn, you could use these same steps to paint as large a block as you like on it! I wish I had a barn - I did growing up, but now I don't even have a shed! Thanks Sheila for sharing!

Enjoy! If you make one, please send me a picture of it hanging by your door!


  1. This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here. 

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