Modern Monday - Block 30


Block 30 - Square
The square has become a staple in the world of Modern. It is very easy and there are plenty of wonderful ways to use this block. Take a look at this and this. I just love them! I have an idea for a quilt that I want to make called "Passing Squares", which is a soccer term (and inside joke) between my husband and me. So I have great name for a quilt and no quilt! Funny! But anyhow, it will be made of some sort of square block similar to this.

A quilt made with a huge variety of fabrics cut into the 4 1/2" squares and the strips only in one or two colors would make a really nice scrap quilt and show off your fabric stash. You could also use pre-cuts and enlarge the center block to 5" (finishing at 4 1/2") That would eliminate the need to cut them at all!

I chose two colors - orange and white, for mine but you could experiment with each of the outside strips being a different color. That would be awesome! I chose white for the outside of my square because I know there will either be a light or medium gray sashing strips surrounding this on the finished quilt so I think it will be very nice when set in the quilt.

  • From the orange print, cut 1 - 4 1/2" square
  • From the white, cut 3 to 4 (depending on length) 1 1/2" strips. They should be a minimum of 4 1/2" long and a maximum of 6 1/2".
This is my new orange print. It's Orange Crush by Alice Kennedy. I got it for a quilt I made for my upcoming book and got extra for Modern Monday. You can't really see on the computer screen, but it's really not orange at all, it's an optical illusion. It is really hot pink and gold, but in combination like this, it looks orange! Very cool!

Cut your square and strips.

I sewed my strips on log-cabin style. I started by sewing a 4 1/2" strip on the side. Press to the strip. If you chose, you could cut 2 - 4 1/2" strips and 2 - 6 1/2" strips and sew the short ones to the sides and the long ones to the top and bottom.

Then add the next strip on the top and press.

Continue around until you are done. Very easy! It is 6 1/2" when done.


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