Modern Monday - Block 31

No Name Block
Block 31 - No Name Block
Does this block look familiar? It should! We called it Snowball Variation back in Block 10. I knew this would happen eventually! I was so excited about this block but as I was piecing it, I had the distinct impression I'd done it before. I looked over the blocks, but all I saw was Block 20 Shoo Fly, so I thought that must be it, since they are really similar in construction. But as soon as I got done with both the MM and TT block, I saw it! Well, I could have bit the bullet and quickly made something else, but no. I decided that it would stay as is! Mistakes are part of quilting, and learning how to make lemonade from lemons is, too!
Block 10 - Snowball Variation
I even pieced it identically!
So if you look at both of my blocks, you can see that even though they are pieced using the same methods, they don't look much alike. Take a look at your Block 10 and think about how you can make it different. My Block 31 has a much bigger center and it contrasts quite a bit, unlike Block 10 that almost blends in too much. You can also make the 4 corners as wonky or as subdued as you like. Whatever you did before, do something different now. I guarantee no one will notice they are the same. And if you really don't like the idea of having two blocks the same, punt and improvise something of your own! Anything goes!

  • From the light blue, cut a wonky square no smaller than 2 1/2".
  • From the orange, cut 2 strips about 3" x 7" AND 2 squares about 3" square.
  • From the white, cut 2 squares about 3" square and cut in half on the diagonal.

Here's the fabrics I chose - no gray this week!

And here's the cut fabrics laid out how they will look  when sewn.
First sew the two orange squares to either side of the blue center square. My orange was wider than my blue, so I trimmed it down to 2 1/2" wide.
Sew the sides on and press to the sides.
Trim to 6 1/2" square. Be sure to angle it so the center block continues to look wonky.
Trim off the 4 corners randomly so they aren't all the same. If you go really crazy here, you might need to re-cut your corner triangles so pay attention to that.
Sew your 4 corner triangles on and press to the corners. Trim to 6 1/2" square.


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