Traditional Tuesday - Block 28

Modernistic Pansy
Block 28 - Modernistic Pansy
This block is backwards from the way I have been doing MM/TT. The Traditional version (meaning the original from the 1930s) was very Modern looking by today's definition of Modern, so I had to create this version to look more Traditional! And I love the results! I ended up paper piecing the 4 units to get the points and the center to match up perfectly.

Since it's a new month, it's time to pick a new color scheme. I have all my blocks on the design wall so I can see them as a group. Looking at them, it dawned on me that I have absolutely NO PURPLE anywhere in any block! That doesn't surprise me because purple isn't my favorite, but still - I want all the colors represented, so it looks like April will be a purple month!

Since we're paper piecing, you get to choose how you precut your fabrics. I started with 4" purple squares for the flower petals and I cut triangles from about 3 1/2" squares of the black and yellow. You can figure out how much or little waste you want when paper piecing your units.
Other than solids and hand dyes, this is the extent of my purple stash. Yep, it's not much!
I chose this fabulous purple paisley to go along with a yellow near solid for the background and black for the center.
Click here for the pattern. Remember to shorten your stitch length when sewing so the paper comes out easier after sewing.
If you don't know how to paper piece, search for a tutorial. there are many good ones out there. Here's my first round. I followed the numbers on the pattern. (#2 is the center of the flower and the rest are the background.)
#2 sewn to #1
#3 sewn to #1
#4 sewn to #1
#5 sewn to #1. Trim each unit to 3 1/2" when done paper piecing.
The four units completed. Remove the paper and sew together to finish your 6 1/2" block.


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