Modern Monday - Block 35

Kansas Dugout
Block 35 - Kansas Dugout
We're back! And quite honestly, I don't want to ever repeat last week! Sick + deadlines = no fun! Here's hoping this week goes a little better!

So, for this week, I decided to do Kansas Dugout. This block doesn't look like much in and of itself, but it's a great builder block for fillers or borders.

This is the traditional setting for Kansas Dugout.

Here's the same unit set in different ways. The top row shows Xs, the middle shows Os and the bottom shows a zigzag, great for borders. The top two are great for filling in empty spaces or to complement another block. Try to imagine the orange part in two different colors (as shown in the traditional setting above). That would add even more interest. A fourth option is to have all the wedges face the same direction. If you have EQ, you can play with this to your heart's content!
I chose just two colors for my block. You can use two different colors instead of one orange. You'll have to do some math to figure out how big to make the triangles if you choose the second option though.
  • From the orange, cut 1 - 6 1/2" square.
  • From the gray, cut 1 wedge. Make sure it's pretty long - at least 12". And I wanted my wedge super-wide, so mine is about 3 to 3 1/2" tapering down to about 1 3/4" to 2 inches.

Cut your square in half on the diagonal. If you chose the two-color option, you'll have to figure out how big to make these triangles. Or you can cut 2 - 6 1/2" squares in 2 colors and cut each in half. You'll have two triangles leftover with this option.
Sew a triangle to each side of the wedge, making sure when adding the second triangle that it will be larger than 6 1/2" when pieced.
The moment of truth: Is it big enough? Trim the unit to 6 1/2" making sure the wedge is the way you want it to look.
P.S. I just found this link to a quilt that uses this block! It's so cute! Check it out over at Quilting Is My Therapy.


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