Traditional Tuesday Block 35

Kansas Dugout
Block 35 - Kansas Dugout
Today's block is not really a block, but a unit of a block. Called, Kansas Dugout, it is the building block of many really cool quilt possibilities.
This is the classic Kansas Dugout. We're making the units 6", but I think if I were putting them in a quilt, I'd make them smaller - 3" or so.
This looks like a neat border idea - almost like a double flying geese.
And this is the best, I think. When set like this, it's called Exquisite. I've seen this done scrappy with all the star points a different color on white. It makes a fast and pretty baby quilt.
This is the last orange/yellow. I haven't been to crazy about this combination, but I think it will all be fine in the finished quilt.
  • From the yellow, cut 1 - 6 1/2" square
  • From each of the oranges, cut 1 - 3 7/8" squares
The three cut squares.
Finger press the small squares diagonally from corner to corner. Place it in the corner of the yellow square. You can just barely see the pressed line. You can draw this line with a pencil if you need it to stand out better for sewing.
Sew from corner to corner on the pressed/drawn line.
Cut off the excess underneath leaving about 1/4" seam allowance.
Press to the corner. Repeat with the remaining square on the opposite corner. The block will be 6 1/2" unfinished when done.
Here's some links to quilts using this block:
On Flickr (It also has a cat - ahhhh! Heaven!)
Another on Flickr (no cat!)
X version
Nice color choices
Google: Kansas Dugout Images for more!


  1. I love how a simlple block can create such bold designs.


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