Modern Monday Block 37

Birds in the Air

Block 37 - Birds in the Air
Honestly, this MM block took me a bit to warm up to. I think there is a point where wonky is too wonky for me and this may be it! I do like how the "birds" seem to really, really want to fly away though. It kind of makes me laugh! Maybe your version will make you smile, too!

Orange print, coordinating orange solid and light gray.
  • Oversize is the name of the game for this block. Cut large squares of both the gray and orange solid. I stacked them and cut 2 sets of 4" squares. 
  • From just the orange, I cut 2 more 4" squares and cut them in half on the diagonal. You'll need only 3 of the triangles. 
  • From the print, you'll need to cut a triangle at least 8" long on each short side. (Think an 8" bock cut in half.) But I'd wait until the end to cut this.

From the stacked squares, I made 3 half-square triangles. Draw or press a line diagonally from corner to corner and sew 1/4" from each side. Cut apart and press open to the orange. these will be roughly 3 1/2".

Trim each to 2 1/2". Skew your ruler to make each one off balance. You don't want them to be perfect HSTs. But don't go too far off! You want them to still resemble a triangle.
Lay out the units as they will look when pieced.

Sew together in rows and sew the rows together to make a large pieced triangle unit.

Now, cut your large triangle the same size as the pieced triangle. The two short edges on mine were 8", so I cut the orange print triangle the same size. Sew together and press to the plain triangle.

Lay your 6 1/2" ruler off balance and trim to 6 1/2". Skew it as much or as little as you like.


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