Traditional Tuesday - Block 37

Birds in the Air
Block 37 - Birds in the Air
I don't know any history on this block, but I do know it's old. It has double appeal to me - it's a great scrap-buster pattern and it is very graphic. Plus a third, it's easy!

This is a new, pretty blue print I got recently. It blends well a blue Moda Marble and cream solid I already had.
  • From the blue, cut 3 - 2 7/8" squares. Cut each in half on the diagonal to make 6 triangles.
  • From the cream, cut 2 - 2 7/8" squares. Cut each in half on the diagonal. We only need 3 triangles for this block. 
  • From the print, cut 1 - 6 7/8" square. Cut in half on the diagonal. We only need 1 triangle for this block.
This is a case where I didn't cut the pieces bigger. When working with triangles, sometimes it's easier to cut the correct size and concentrate on sewing accurately than to cut it down later. For this block, this is especially true in the last step - joining the pieced triangle and the plain triangle.

Here's the squares. Cut each in half on the diagonal and sew three each together to make 3 half-square triangles. Press to the dark and trim the dog ears off. HTSs should be 2 1/2" each.

Lay out the  pieces as they will look when pieced and sew together in rows. Press to one side so the seams oppose when the rows are joined.
Join the rows and press.
Pin the pieced triangle to the print triangle and sew. Press open to finish your 6 1/2" block.
Some fun Birds in the Air quilts:
Pretty traditional setting with odd border. Could it have been added later?
Blue and tan stripe gives this a neat optical illusion. Interesting border, too.
Contemporary example with nice non-traditional setting.
Traditional setting, but with the non-traditional color placement, it looks unusual.


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