Traditional Tuesday - Block 38

Contrary Wife
Block 38 - Contrary Wife
I sure wish I knew the history on this block! And I'm sure where there is a contrary wife, there is a contrary husband somewhere, too!

I have a small stash of various 5" charms I've collected on various internet swaps. Most are cut into 2 1/2" squares, but I had some 5" ones, too. I chose 4 of those. 

I'm really enjoying these flower prints. I don't usually work with prints like these so this is fun exploring something new. You'll need 3 different fabrics. Normally I'd choose those with more contrast, but I'm playing around, so these are just fine!
  • From your charms (or scraps) pick out the fabric you want to  use for the 4 corners and the center square. I used 2 different fabrics for this, or you can use just one. From those, cut 5 - 2 1/2" squares.
  • See below to cut the 4 half-square triangles

If you are working with scraps, make 4 HSTs that finish to 2" square in any way you choose. If you are using charms, lay the two charms, right sides together and cut in half. Using an Easy Angle ruler, line up the 2 1/2" line on the bottom edge of one strip and cut into triangle pairs. Cut 4 total using both strips.
I like using the Easy Angle ruler because you can use 2 1/2" strips to make 2 1/2" unfinished HSTs. You don't have to cut the strips 2 7/8" like normal. So you are saving tons of fabric over the long haul. And by layering two charms, right sides together, the pairs are ready to sew without having to pin or line them up. It's really a nice ruler!

Lay out the units like a 9-patch block, making sure all the HSTs are facing the right direction. Sew together in rows and sew the rows together to finish your 6 1/2" block.


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