Modern Monday - Block 41

Patience Corners
Block 41 - Patience Corners
My dear, newly minted 17-year-old evidently blog-stalks his mother! Creepy, I know, but kind of sweet, too! Anyhow, he told me (as bluntly as only a teenager can) that lately my Modern blocks aren't different enough from the Traditional ones. And of course he's right. The problem is, after 41 blocks, I'm finding it harder to come up with fresh ideas. So from here on out, I'll work on that. I hope today's block is different enough. It's based on Patience Corners, which is an obscure little Traditional block that is simple to make and pretty versatile. This version goes wonky to make the "corners" a little more interesting than plain squares do making it match a modern sensibility.
I went with all solids - two orange and two gray. They look kind of Halloween-y to me!
Again, this is largely improv, so your sizes and shapes will be different. First, cut 2 each of the orange fabrics. They need to be larger than 2 1/2" square. Make sure two of the sides aren't a perfect square, they should be "off" slightly.
Then cut the grays into 4 strips each. They should be 1 1/2" wide at a minimum, wider gives you more options when you square up later. The length should be a minimum of 2 1/2" to 3".
Sew one of the gray strips to one of the orange squares. Trim the end off to make a straight edge to sew the next strip onto. Sew the next strip on. Press to the strips.
Square up to 3 1/2". Make sure the gray is wide enough so that with the seam allowance taken into account it will be about 1" after it is sewn. You can see the 3 1/2" lines on the ruler. Make 2 in this colorway.
Repeat with the remaining 2 orange squares and 4 gray strips.
Lay out the units making sure two of the orange squares face in and two face out. That I guess is where the patience comes from. It's easy to get them mixed up! Sew together like a 4-patch and press. It should be 6 1/2" when done.


  1. Hehe :) I'd love it if my kids blog-stalked me. What I get is "Oh, yeah, you have a blog." lol

  2. That is just too funny. Maybe you should put 'em to work designing some blocks and see what comes of it. For me, I'm loving all your blocks and look forward to your Monday and Tuesday posts.

  3. aww - my kids just want to know if their pictures are on facebook. :) this block is really cool!


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