Modern Monday - Block 42

Greek Cross
Block 42 - Greek Cross
This is one of my all time favorite blocks! I saw a (traditional) quilt made of scrappy Greek Cross blocks one time at a quilt auction and fell in love. I wish I had bought the quilt, but no! I thought: Why should I buy it when I can make one of my own! Well, yes, I can make one of my own, but that one was so cute and so charming! We always regret the one that got away, don't we!?

Orange, gray and white! I need to get back into the prints. I've gotten away from them.
  • From the light gray, rough cut about a 7" square.
  • From the dark gray, rough cut 2-4 squares about 3 1/2"-4".
  • From the oranges, rough cut 2 wedges about 1 1/2"-2" x 7".

Here's the rough cuts. For the wedges, I didn't go too crazy. They are just barely tapered.
First, cut the light gray square in half vertically. This cut can be as straight or as angled as you want. Sew one orange strip in between the two gray halves and press.
Cut the square in half going across the first orange strip. Again, make this as angled or straight as you choose. Sew the other orange stripe in between and press.
You should be able to see the cross now. I chose to offset the vertical wedge for some more interest. You can make yours match up if you want. Trim the block to 6 1/2".
To add the corner triangles, place 1 of the dark gray squares on 1 of the corners of the block.
Sew on the diagonal making sure there is enough dark gray to completely cover the corner when flipped back.
Trim 1/4" from the sewn line. Flip the triangle open and press.
If you cut your dark gray squares large enough, you can use the triangle you just trimmed off for the next corner. If it's not big enough, use another square and repeat the same process.
I like having the triangles on the 4 corners all different sizes and sewn on different angles to make it more wonky. This also means there's no stress when sewing together the blocks in a straight set if you make a whole quilt out of this block.
When all 4 corners are sewn and pressed, trim the block to 6 1/2".


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