Modern Monday - Block 43

Block 43 - Chevron
I decided this week we need some more log cabin variations in the quilt! The Chevron is just 1/4 of the log cabin block and it is pieced very similarly, making it go fast and easy. You can use it in a straight set or on point - either setting shows this block with a different character. Try turning the blocks different directions for even more variations.

Choose 5 fabrics, making sure you have enough contrast between each one so the "logs" will show up properly.
Determine what fabric you want to be the starting point and cut a wonky square no smaller than 2 1/2".
From the remaining fabrics, cut wedges no smaller than 1 1/2" wide on the skinny end. You'll need either one long one from each fabric or two shorter ones. The longest one you choose for the outer "log" doesn't have to me more than 7" and the rest shorter than that.
First, sew a wedge to the right of the wonky square. Press to the wedge. Trim the top of the square so the wedge is straight for sewing the next wedge. Sew the next wedge to the top and press.
This shows trimming the the wedge so it's straight for the next round of wedges.
Keep adding the wedges in this manner.
As you're adding, make sure they are wide enough to give you a block big enough when done. You might have to add a 5th round of "logs" if you cut them too narrow.
Square up the block to 6 1/2".
I had a spare hour the other day so I added some more rows to the design wall. Because of other projects, I took down the blocks a while ago. It makes it very hard to see where you're going when you can't see where you've been!  So I put them all back up. You can really spot where you need more of one color or less of another when you look at them as a whole like this. Overall, I'm pleased, but there are some stinkers in there (and some fabulous ones too)! But that's the point of this exercise, to learn what works in Modern and what doesn't! I've also learned that I really like the + and X blocks best! We will be doing more of those I think!


  1. Love those colors together. The block turned out great!

  2. Very cool! they all are so neat.

  3. Jenifer, your quilt looks great! And, again, thanks for doing this - I'm loving the quilt - I'm so glad I'm participating. I put mine back on the design wall today also and think I have enough blocks to add another row.


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