Modern Monday - Block 46

Block 46 - Ships
I've been having fun with these "realistic" blocks the last few weeks so I think I'll continue for a while until I get tired of them! This is a fun one that I'm sure was originally more popular on the coasts than here in the Midwest, but hey! We get cable here! To make this Modern, I did part flip and sew and part precision piecing. I also messed with color placement which always adds a bit of fun to a normally static block.

  • From the orange, cut 1 - 2 1/2" x 7" strip AND 4 - 3" squares.
  • From the gray, cut 2 - 2" x 5" strips AND 1 - 2" x 3 1/2" strip AND 2 - 3" squares.
  • From the blue, cut 4 - 3" squares.
Here's my three fabrics. I like the gray and blue together. It kind of looks like one of those days when the storm and blue skies are battling it out to see who wins!

And here are the cut fabrics. You can kind of see where we're going with them laid out like this.

First, make 4 wonky, flip and sew half-square triangle units. I just laid the squares together willy-nilly and sewed in somewhat of a diagonal. If your squares are over-sized enough, there really is not need to worry about where you sew the line. If they are smaller, you might want to do one and test it first to see how to proceed.

Once they are sewn, flip the blue back and press.
Cut the part on the back off leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

Trim to 2" square making the units as wonky or as perfect as you choose.

Here are mine.

Next, for the botom part of the ship, sew the two gray triangles to each side of the 7" strip. Make sure to sew both ends so the triangles flip in opposite directions or else it won't look like a ship when done.

Trim the bottom to 2" in any wonky way you choose.

Lay out the units and sew together. Start by sewing the 4 half-square triangle units together in to a 4-patch. Then sew the short gray strip to the top. Sew the long gray strips to each side and add the bottom on. Press after each seam is sewn. Your block will be 6 1/2".
And here's the rest of the story of this block... I got all done and realized I made a 4 1/2" block, not a 6 1/2" one! I added strips around the block log cabin style until it got to be 6 1/2". What I did was I cut all my strips to be 1 1/2" (finishing at 1") rather than 2" (finishing at 1 1/2")! What a bonehead! In the quilt, it will be fine and it's kind of cute done so miniature, but honestly where are my brains some days?


  1. I love the ship in the log cabin. Thats a cool block combo! I've really enjoyed all of the Modern Monday blocks. I'm thinking that i might skip a few here towards the end, just so I can actually finish before my kids grow up or before I lose my steam again.

    1. I think cutting it short would be a good idea - if it's a choice between 2 ufo's or 2 finished projects! Good luck and definitely let me see the finished quilts! I love the blocks you've made so far!


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