Traditional Tuesday - Block 44

Block 44 - Apron
I can't tell you how in love with this block I am! I think I see an entire quilt in my future! I chose to paper piece the apron part and the bottom is curve-pieced, but it's a gentle curve making it easy to do. (For more complete instructions, look at yesterday's post.)

I found some 30s reproduction in my stash. I think I'll gift them to my friend Margaret if she wants them. She's given me so much fun 60s and 70s stuff that I'd like to repay her! But first, I dug through and found some pinks and blues for my Apron block. You don't need to cut them out, but you can cut strips about 1 1/2" x 6" if you want to make it easier for the paper piecing.

Click this link to get the paper piecing pattern for the block and paper piece! You can see that I made the center strip double wide. I thought I'd add a little variation from yesterday's block. I chose light blue for the background.

After paper piecing the sides, add the apron strings at the top. I chose pink for this. I wish I had done the blue for the strings and the pink for the background, but this is okay.

Cut out the curved part of the apron with scissors. But I should note here that I recommend cutting the block to 6 1/2" square before doing this. (See yesterday's post.) I ran into troubles later by skipping this step here.

Make a template for the bottom, curved background piece.

Cut out your fabric with the template you just made and sew to the bottom of the apron. Be careful to reposition to avoid tucks when sewing. This is where I ran into trouble by not trimming the block before. I didn't know where the outer edges of the block were to line up the bottom.

Press your block and trim to 6 1/2".


  1. Great block Jenifer. I love it

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 1 post on Aug. 15, 2012. Thanks again.


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