Traditional Tuesday - Block 50

Orange Peel

Block 50 - Orange Peel
This is a wonderful block - simple to make, beautiful to look at! Use the applque method of your choice to make your block. If you didn't read yesterday's post (Modern Monday - Block 50), I'm making some changes to Traditional Tuesday. For the next 14 weeks, we are going to do a lot of applique and a lot of the wonderful Traditional blocks that don't translate well into Modern. These won't have a counterpart on Monday, but I think they deserve to be in our quilt anyhow! I'm looking forward to finished out the quilt with these blocks!

I chose blue and white for my block. If you use a light on dark, like I did, be sure to cut out the background fabric behind the shape so the background doesn't 't show through the shape.
Cut 1 - 7" square from the background fabric. Press in half on both diagonals for registration marks.

Make your shapes in any way you choose. Click here for the templates. Line them up on the registration marks. I chose to have the four points in the center touch. You might like them not touching. Just make sure you don't exceed the 6" perimeter of this block. Sew down in any method you choose. I used invisible thread and a zigzag stitch. (See the top block.) You can see the stitches now, but after it's quilted, they become invisible (trust me on this if you're skeptical!). Once sewn, trim your block to 6 1/2".


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