Modern Monday - Block 55


Block 55 - Hearts
Hearts are the best shape in the world to learn how to applique! They have outer curves, a deep inner curve, straight lines and a point - almost everything you need to learn in one shape! These are smallish hearts, but not so small they are difficult to work with. If you don't want to do all four, you can increase the size and just do one.
Choose 4 colors and the background. I've been having fun using non-gray/white for the backgrounds in the applique blocks, so I went with blue for the background and two oranges and two grays for the hearts.
Cut the background fabric 7" square and prepare 4 hearts for applique using the pattern found here.

Decide how you want the block to look. Experiment to see if you like all 4 hearts touching, like this or separate like the pattern shows. Once you find a layout you like, applique in place using your favorite method. Trim to 6 1/2".


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