Traditional Tuesday - Block 54

Block 54 - Tumbler
Although the actual tumber block is a charm quilt - meaning there are rows and rows of just the center shape (click here to see a classic version) -  it's hard to convey that in a 6" block! Instead, I went with just one large one and added a background to border it. I collect charm squares whenever I can find them - from stores, online swaps and guild swaps - so I always am looking for ways to use them. This is perfect for a 5" charm as the center. 5" charms would also be perfect if you were making the whole quilt in the traditional way.
You'll need two fabrics - I used a solid for the background and a print.
  • From the print, cut 1 - 5" square
  • From the background, cut 2 - 2 1/2" x 5" rectangles AND 2 - 2 1/2"* x ~7"rectangles
*This is really over-sized. You could probably get by with narrower, but for just one block it didn't matter to me. If I were making a whole quilt, I would have figured out more accurate cutting.
Cutting the angles on the charm square is so easy! Using the lines on your cutting mat, match up the charm perfectly on the grid. See the pencils pointing to the 1" marks on either side of the charm? That's your target for cutting.
Lay your ruler so the bottom is at the corner and the top is at that 1" mark and slice.
Repeat on the other side to make your tumbler shape. If you were making the traditional version, you'd do this over and over with 5" squares to get as many as you need for the quilt.
For the side background pieces, you do the same with with the 2 1/2" x 5" rectangles. I stacked both rectangles. If you are using a print instead of solid for the background, make sure to stack them right sides together so you get two mirror image pieces.
Again, match up the lines on the mat with your fabric and cut from corner to the 1" mark to get 2 side pieces.
Sew them on either side of the tumbler unit. You don't need to offset the pieces for the seam allowance, just line them up and sew them on.
They might not line up exactly, but that's okay - just trim up the edges if necessary
Sew on the top and bottom rectangles and trim to 6 1/2". See what I mean about over-sized? Yikes!


  1. I'm now completely caught up! I posted all my catchup blocks on my blog - I even found the exact same charm you used on the tumbler block. Now I'm ready for tomorrow!


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