Modern Monday - Block 58

Four-Patch Snowball
Block 58 - Four-Patch Snowball
This block is both a four-patch and a snowball, so together it is the Four-Patch Snowball block! I'm nothing if not obvious, right? I was trying to come up with something fun and simple but I thought the framed wonky four-patch was too simple. By adding the small triangles to the corners, it makes it look almost rounded and gives it a little something extra!

You'll need 4 fabrics for the four-patch and white to make this block.
From each of the 4 colors, cut 1 - 3" square.
From the white, cut:
2 strips 1 1/5" x 4 1/2"
2 strips 1 1/5" x 6 1/2"
2 - 2" squares cut in half on the diagonal
Here's the cut fabrics.

First make a four-patch block for the center.

Trim to 4 1/2" making it as wonky or straight as you choose.

Sew the 4 triangles to the corner. Just eyeball the placement. You choose how large or small to make them, just keep in mind the seam allowance and don't make them too small.

Here's all 4 corners sewn.

Flip and press the corners and trim to 4 1/2".

Sew the 4 1/2" white strips to the top.

Sew the 6 12" strips to the sides. Press. Your block will be 6 1/2".
Thanks for your patience last week. My MIL had a heart attack and a triple bypass. Fortunately she is now home and doing really well. We have a lot to be thankful for this year! I hope you do too!


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