Modern Monday - Block 61

Block 61 - Improv
 As I'm sure you do as well, I have a LOT of little scraps left over from this project! I thought I'd take advantage of those to make a totally improv block today.

I chose blue, gray, orange and cheddar for the colors - white for the background.

Since this is all improv, cutting will be up to you - your block probably won't end up looking much like mine! First, cut slivers of the colored fabrics. Mine were anywhere from 2 1/2" to 3" long and tapered from 1" down to 3/4" wide. Yours can be wider and longer if you choose. There's a lot of wiggle room.
Then cut 8 white strips about 2" wide x 3"-4" long. You want them wider than the colored strips.
Sew the white to the ends of the slivers and press.
Trim each strip following the edge of the colored slivers. They will taper at different angles depending on how you cut the slivers to begin with.
Sew the slivers together making sure to vary them along the top. You don't necessarily want them to all be the same height across the top. Once the strips are sewn, add white to each side to finish out the block. You can see I had a lot of white on the sides. If I were to make this block again, I would add more slivers - possibly going all the way across the block rather than having the white space on the sides. Experiment to get the look you want!
Trim to 6 1/2" to finish.


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