Modern Monday - Block 62

Mod Shape
Block 61 - Mod Shape
I came across this fun shape on a set of dish towels of all things! The dish towel version was a little more organic, so I straightened up all the edges and got this. It reminds me so much of the pop art of 1960s! If you deconstruct it closely, you can see it's just two Drunkard's Path blocks and two squares - simple to covert to piecing if you don't want to applique it.

You've probably noticed that we're quickly approaching block 64 - the last one! In fact, this will be our last regular block - the next two will be much different. But more on that next week!

You'll need 4 colors and a background.
  • From the background, cut 1 - 7" square 
  • From each of the 4 colors, cut 1 - 3" square

Here's the cut pieces. This is a bit different for applique - we're going to piece the shape before it's appliqued.
First make a four-patch unit. Make sure to press the seams open. This will make appliqueing it down much easier later.
Use the template to make the shape. Be careful to line up the seams with the lines on the template to get the shape perfect. Once the shape is made, applique it down in your favorite method. You can access the template by clicking here.
When the applique is complete, square up the block to 6 1/2".


  1. rangerer@sbcglobal.netDecember 17, 2012 at 3:22 PM

    cute pattern -- could not access the template. We were hacked this am and have spent hours trying to clear it up. Whoever did it has stolen our contacts list and everything out of our inbox. We have everything cleared here, but still missing the contacts list and emails in the inbox. I hope this is not the reason I was not able to get the template. I am very sorry if this causes you any problems.

  2. Really like this block. I am always looking for ways to use the drunker's path pattern, and , this looks like a good one.
    Also, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your postings, and, your blocks. You sure do make Mondays and Tuesdays days to look forward too. Thanks.


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