Modern Monday - Block 63

Modern Monday Block
Modern Monday Block with embellishments!

Block 63 - Modern Monday Block
For our second-to-last block, I thought it would be fun to make a block to commemorate what we've been doing for more than a year now! I have nicknamed this project MM from the beginning so I thought making a "signature" block using those letters prominently would be a fun addition to our motley assortment of blocks!

I chose to put the name of the quilt - Modern Monday - the date and my web address. You can put whatever you like on yours, just use a good fabric pen to do it with. (And don't put your signature on this block - oops! I said too much!)

You'll need three fabrics - two for the letters and one for the background. I kept the background white so the writing would show up well. Any light color will work though.
Since this is largely improv, we'll step through the cutting as we go rather than having all the cutting at the top. First, cut 2 - 3" background squares and 1 - 3" square from BOTH colors. Cut them on the diagonals in both directions but don't line them up exactly from corner to corner. We want them a bit wonky.
For the center parts of the M's, we're just making 2 flying geese units - one is the reverse of the other. Lay out your triangles accordingly.
Sew the units together. Press to the small triangles.
Trim to 2 1/2" wide by about 1 1/4" tall. The height is up to you, the width needs to stay 2 1/2".
Do this for both colors. Sew the units together and press to one side.
Cut 2 white rectangles 2 1/2" x however tall it needs to be to make your unit 3 1/2". Cut it longer than you think is necessary - we'll trim later.
Cut strips about 2-3" wide x about 3 1/2" long of each color and sew to each side of the flying geese units. I trimmed the edges of the flying geese unit so the sides would be at an angle - not perfectly straight.
Trim to 3 1/2" square.
Repeat with the second color.

Sew a strip of white that's 3 1/2" x about 4-5" long to the bottom of the M on the left. Trim unit to 3 1/2" x 6 1/2". For the M on the right, cut a long strip of white that's 3 1/2" x about 6" long. Sew to the top and trim off "some" so you have a small strip on the top. Sew the remaining white to the bottom and trim the unit to 3 1/2" x 6 1/2".
I was using scraps so my white was in odd shapes and I didn't plan accordingly on the yellow M unit. So to make the unit 6 1/2", I added a strip of yellow across the top. You can do something similar for yours or just keep the background all white - it's your choice! Sew the two units together, pressing to one side. Your block will be 6 1/2" when done.


  1. This block and the last block will have to go on the back of my quilt as I've been finishing up the top and borders this week.

    I have absolutely loved this Modern Monday project and am so glad that I have participated.

    I'll post a picture to flickr once I get the borders finished.

    Thanks again - it's been wonderful!

  2. I would like to send you a photo of my latest quilt, which I named "Hashtag Love" - it is comprised of a bunch of your modern blocks! I entered it in the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge.. I couldn't find your email address anywhere and I am no longer on Facebook! Cheers,


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