No Color Too Perfect

 Big news! I'm in the inaugural issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited! I'm so happy to be a part of this new magazine - just for modern quilters! My quilt is called "No Color Too Perfect" (although there's a slight mix-up with the name in the magazine). It combines gradations of black to light gray with prints in every color of the rainbow.

The name is inspired by a Matt Nathanson album called "Not Colored Too Perfect". My version of the name plays up the fact that no color is too perfect not to use in the quilt!
Here's Poppy enjoying the quilt! It's applique, of course. My quilter, Georgia Stull, nicknamed it the 45 quilt because the blocks look like old 45s. (If you don't know what a 45 is, Google it! It's what we did before iPods!)
Pick up a copy of the magazine in quilt shops and at JoAnn's. And look for more of my quilts coming up in more magazines next year! (More on that later...)


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