Traditional Tuesday - Block 61

Square in a Square
Block 61 - Square in a Square
This is a fun block to make and to look at! The illusion of spiraling draws you right to the center of the block and back again. And it's paper-pieced so those points will be perfect no matter what you do!
I chose 4 subtle gradations of red. It gives it depth without being overpowering.
For the center square, rough cut 1 - ~3" square
For the next two rounds, rough cut 2 - ~4" squares each
For the outer round, rough cut 2 - ~4 1/2" squares
Cut each of the squares in half on the diagonal to make the triangles. You'll need 4 each for the 3 rounds. To access the paper piecing pattern, click here.
Add the first round in your usual paper piecing method.
Then add the second and third rounds to finish the block.
Turn the block upside down and trim to 6 1/2". Remove the paper to finish.


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