Do You Miss Modern Monday?

I know I do! If you're suffering from withdrawals, I have a solution for you. Over at Patchwork Posse, my new friend Becky is starting a sew-along. It's not as  intensive a time commitment as Modern Monday, which I think we can all sigh a big sigh of relief about, but it's just as fun nonetheless!

It's the Round Robin Winter Wonderland Sew-Along row quilt! Twice a month now through July, she'll post a new row with instructions - all with a winter theme. The rows are all designed by special guests and you guessed it, I'm one of the designers! So is my good friend Tammie of Crafty Tammie. My row won't be until June, so I have plenty of time to ponder what I want to do. You might just see some applique!

The first row was posted today so go check it out and see if you'd like to participate. She has a flickr group so you can post your blocks or just see what others are doing for inspiration and other eye candy.

And speaking of Modern Monday, I'm STILL not finished with the top (or Traditional Tuesday for that matter!) I hope to work on them both later this week. Stay tuned to see if I really do!


  1. I just found your blog thru Pinterest. I am curious about the last of the Modern Monday blocks. I can't seem to find tutorials after block 30ish. What have I missed? Catch me up...Please.


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