Traditional Tuesday - Block 64

Signature Block

Block 64 - Signature Block
Here's our last block! It's your choice how you want to finish out the quilt - pick your favorite block or one you wanted to make or one of your own creation! I chose to use my newest favorite fabric - Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt. I chose busy prints to hide the points of all those seams coming together!

For your signature block, make sure to include your town and the date. I read somewhere once that at a minimum you should have those three things on every quilt you make - name, date, town. Of course you can go on and on from there, adding anything else you like - inspiration, who it's made for, why you made it,  etc., etc., etc.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be showing you how I'm setting my quilt together. I'm not sure how to combine all my  blocks into a coherent group. I used some wildly different (and random) fabrics, styles and colors so making them look good together might be tricky! And I'd love to see how you set yours together. Post your progress on the Flickr group or let us know in the comments another link to where we can see your quilt!

Thank you so much for joining me on this year+ journey. It's been a fun exploration of a new quilt movement all the while, honoring the tradition from which it grew!

And don't forget about 42 Quilts this coming year. I have some new ideas that I think you'll be interested in and some big announcements coming up in the next couple of weeks as well! It will be a fun year. I hope you stay tuned!

Have a Happy New Year and keep the quilts coming!


  1. Great conclusion to an awesome blockalong! Thanks so much Jenifer. I was able to keep up and complete each block within its week and that made me very happy to set that long-term goal and accomplish it. 64+ weeks! Amazing! Now to get the blocks sewn together. I am still playing with how I will sash the blocks and set them to make my quilt. Thanks again for sharing your time and experience. You are very generous. Happy New Year! Great stitching in 2013.


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