Traditional Tuesday - Finishing

64 blocks with no unifying theme - any ideas on how to set them?

How am I going to make these blocks look good together? Looking through them I realize I probably should have had a better plan to start with! Wow! They really are diverse. Originally I was going to make most of them blue, but I lost track of that somewhere along the way...

This is my original setting idea - blue (mostly) blocks, light blue sashing, medium blue inner border and dark blue outer border. But now seeing my blocks, I'm afraid a light sashing will get lost with all those different blocks. I'm now thinking that the sashing should be a black or navy solid. I like the look of black as a unifier, but not all traditional quilters like black. Plus, if I use a black sashing what would the border be? A print? Another solid? Lighter? Can't be darker than black! So many decisions. I'll play on EQ some more and maybe something will come to me.

How are you finishing yours? Post to flickr or leave a comment. I'd love to know!


  1. I know this is really off the wall compared to what you were planning, but what about using a solid cheddar as your unifying sashing? It is a complimentary color to the many blues and would work well with the smatterings of reds, greens and yellows, too.

  2. I ADORE cheddar! I'll experiment with this idea!

  3. I am having a central medallion for my TT blocks. Tossing up whether to use a panel or do an applique centre. My blocks will be 'on-point' and then I'll have to think of an interesting border...

    Also - I like the idea of Vic in NH for the use of Cheddar for you blocks - your quilt will zing! :)


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