Finish-Up Friday!

This has been a fabulous week! I actually had a lot of time to spend in the studio. (It's really my unfinished basement, but everyone should call their quilting space their studio!) And you know how it is - sometimes you need quantity time before you can have quality time. And what quality time I had! Here's the rundown of the UFOs I finished this week:

Heritage Sampler - Black
Finally! This is a class I taught last year (or two years ago?). It's been put together except the borders this whole time! I offered the quilt in black and white. I was planning on finishing up the white one this week as well, but I discovered I don't have enough red for the outer border. So it will be done as soon as I get to the quilt shop. They are for my boys who still have their 3-year-old quilts on their beds (they are 16 and 17 now!) High time for an upgrade I think!

Just a fun little thing I made a long time ago. It just needed binding. It may be too cute to use! Can you read it?

Fish Pillow (class sample)
I'm teaching Invisible Zigzag Applique at a few places coming up in May and I decided my samples needed to be updated. Here's the fish pillow made with my $17-a-yard Birch organic fabric. I'm so glad it turned out well!

30s Sampler (throw)
Honestly, I barely remember making this quilt much less when. It's at least 4 year old. It just needed binding. I am so not 30s repro fabric anymore, so it's going to the Lee's Summit Quilt Guild for a charitable donation!

Two fetal demise pouches
This is the charity project the KC Modern Quilt Guild does on an on-going basis. I find it very difficult to make these, knowing what they are used for. But I know if it can help bring any kind of softness to an unthinkable situation, it's worth it.

Modern Monday!
YES! The top is done! I'm so happy with it! I will get it quilted up and use it as a throw quilt.

And I demoted a project OFF my UFO list - a red and white triple feathered star! Sometimes you've got to let go of a dream! Although, this is on my bucket list, I just am not interested in precision piecing right now. I first planned this years ago and a month ago or so I actually started it. But as I got the inner star done (which took 12 hours just for this one section), I realized this just isn't as much fun for me as it use to be. I have so many other ideas, I decided to just let this one go - for now anyhow.

So as great a week as it was, I still have two to go: Traditional Tuesday and Dear Jane.

Here's my Traditional Tuesday blocks somewhat laid out by value. I wanted the darker ones on the diagonal down the center and the lighter ones on either side of that. Honestly, these blocks just aren't very attractive to me. I wish I had stayed true to my original vision and kept them all shades of blue. I'll keep this up on the design wall for a day or two and mull it over, but I might demote this project off the UFO list, too.

And finally my beloved Dear Jane!
Here she is - all three volumes! I have all 169 blocks made and probably about 1/3 of the triangles. I have no intentions of finishing the rest of the triangles, so I have to come up with an interesting way to set them together. There's a few ideas floating around my head I just need some time to set aside to get it done. It's been 10 years since I started this I guess a few more won't hurt. But it has to be done before I die so the kids won't throw these binders full of wonderful little gems out!

So I'm happy - just two UFOs! Now what's next?...


  1. My MM and TT quilts are also sitting waiting to be finished. I lost momentum when I went away at Christmas (also our summer holidays down here) and have only revisited them once since then. I wasn't happy with my MM layout so I thought about it for awhile and came up with a new plan which is still waiting to be completed. I think I will put them as my goal for The Lovely Year of Finishes next month to get things moving again.

    1. So glad you're going to finish them! Be sure to post them and send me a link when they are done!

  2. It is great that you are able to just change in mid course and either not finish it or change it up. I think that is what quilting is all about!

    1. I start a lot of things that never get done! Haha! It just makes sense to me to get them off the "list" rather than have them stare at me if I know I'll never get them done!

  3. It sounds like you had a very productive week! I wish I was down to only two WIPs! I am making headway though!


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