The Modern Applique Workbook Blog Tour Day 2!

Welcome to Day 2 of The Modern Applique Workbook blog tour!

Today's guest blogger is Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter. Head over there to read her review of the book! Amy is a talented modern quilter and her blog is full of inspiration! Her fresh, updated style is so charming! Be sure to check out her patterns - there's a project there for modern quilters and traditional quilters alike!

But before you head to Diary of a Quilter, I'd like to tell you about one of the quilts from the book.

This little quilt, called Baskets, is one of my favorites in the book. When I travel, I like to design a quilt or a block or something inspired by the place I'm at. Most the time these ideas don't ever become a quilt, but this one did. Can you guess the city I was in when I designed this wonky basket? I'll pause here while you think...

Did you say St. Louis? Do you get it now? Yes! The Arch! My daughter and I were in St. Louis a couple of years ago for a soccer tourney - can't remember if they won or not - but I designed TWO quilts that weekend that were actually made! This is one of them.

Of course, you can't go to St. Louis without going to see the arch - even if you've been there 100 times before. As we were walking up to it I looked up, and because of the angle, it looked like one side was thicker than the other. Wow! It looked like a modern quilt to me! I sketched it out on the hotel stationary as soon as we got back.

Of course the arch alone didn't seem enough to make into a block. That would be too obvious. But using it as a handle for a basket would still pay homage to the St. Louis trip and make a great modern traditionalist basket block! I think it turned out really cute!

Here's the lineup for the blog tour. Be sure to go to each one on their day and enter the contest to win a copy of The Modern Applique Workbook. If you can't wait,you can purchase an autographed copy here.

Feb. 10: Bonnie Hunter
Feb. 11: Amy Smart
Feb. 12: Angela Walters
Feb. 13: Debbie Grifka
Feb. 14: Tammie Schaffer
Feb. 17: Casey York
Feb. 18: Deb Rowden
Feb. 19: Melissa @ Generation Q magazine 
Feb. 20: Shea Henderson
Feb. 21: Diane Harris @ Quiltmaker Magazine


  1. Love that little modern forest on your masthead above. Also falling in love with those 4-spoke "things" on the cover of the Modern Applique book. Have been doing applique for a long time, and it is still my favorite method of quilting.


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