The Modern Applique Workbook Blog Tour Day 5

Happy Valentine's Day!
Today I'd like to introduce you to Tammie Schaffer. Not only is she a great modern quiltmaker, she is a country girl, just like me! But she's more country than me - she raises chickens! I grew up with chickens and would love to have them now, but I live in the woods that are full of foxes, bobcats and other animals that would love a chicken dinner!

Head to Tammie's blog, Crafty Tammie to read about the book and enter the giveaway, but also take a look at her tutorial page. There's some fun stuff there including how to make jammie pants for a Ken doll!

But before you go, I want to show you another quilt from the book, Birds.


It's really true that your art reflects what you see. For me that's nature. Living in the woods, I am surrounded by trees, birds, other critters, the pond and on and on. Of everything I see, birds are my favorite and end up in many quilts I make! This little beauty is one of them! It contains everything I love - gradations, solids, repetition, fabulous quilting, and a flange on the binding.

Gradations and Solids: I can't tell you why working with one color in several shades makes me happy, but it does! The subtle blending of one shade of a color to the next is pleasing to the eye to me and adds a bit more interest to a quilt than just using the same shade throughout or using multiple colors. It makes the quilt a bit more controlled and less random. (I know random makes other quilters happy, but being the control freak that I am, I like control!)

Repetition: For some reason our brains are trained to recognize repeating patterns, mine especially. I love repeating things in odd numbers - 3 and 5 are my favorites. And of one of those 3 or 5 things, I like to mix one up. Like here, where one bird is flying the opposite direction. Again - it's the unexpected and makes it interesting!

Fabulous Quilting: The quilting looks like wind, right? I like representational quilting. It helps further define what is going on in the quilt. Plus the flowing, circular shapes are so pleasing and complement the curves on the bird shapes!

The Flange: I like using flanges (a narrow bit of fabric inserted into the binding as an accent color) in quilts like this. Originally I was going to use pink for the binding, but it seemed too heavy - even the lightest pink. But using the white background fabric didn't "stop" the quilt. It felt like it kept on going out into space. So the solution was  inserting the narrowest bit of pink on the inside of the binding. It lets you know the quilt stops there, but it doesn't compete with the simplicity of the three birds! Perfect!

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  1. I am thankful for Quiltmaker's 100 block Blog Tour, I have found so many new "friends" and have loved getting to know each one. Your quilt block will be completed in burgundy and green prints, with a pop of peach for the cross! It will be the 30th block in my sampler quilt. I think it will add nicely to my collection of sampler blocks!!


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