The Modern Applique Workbook Blog Tour - Day 10

Welcome to the last day of the blog tour for my new book, The Modern Applique Workbook. Today's blogger is Diane Harris of Quiltmaker Magazine. I've had an association with Quiltmaker Magazine for a while now, participating in the the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks issue 4 times! (And I'll let you know a secret - I'm going to be in the next issue too! But don't tell anyone yet!)

Head to Quiltmaker's blog, Quilty Pleasures to read even more about the book and enter the giveaway for one last chance to win!


Today's quilt is Geese. I love this quilt. I made it to fit over the mantle in my living room. Originally I had the geese with the bottoms straight, like a pieced flying geese. But for applique, I thought it should be a little different so I made the shapes different enough from the standard flying geese but yet similar enough that every quiltmakers will understand!

I used all solids except the one print. After auditioning it with all solids, it really was way too flat and boring. Adding in just the one print changed the whole feel of the piece. When your working with a minimalist concept, every shape, fabric and color has to count. That's why the center stripe of background fabric is a pale yellow, not another gray. It is just more interesting with a different color thrown in.

And I have to tell you about the quilting. This is another Angela Walters creation. She used a variety of fills for each of the background panels, but it's what she did on the large geese that makes her the genius she is! She put end trails on them! They look like they are shooting off into space! I hope you can see it on the photo. The quilting on this quilt makes it. Without it Geese would be nice, but rather ho hum. Thanks Angela!

Thanks to all of you who have stuck out the tour with me! And thanks to all who have been entering the contest! Check out the guest bloggers if you haven't entered their contest yet. (Some of the contests are over, so check that before leaving a comment.

Feb. 10: Bonnie Hunter
Feb. 11: Amy Smart
Feb. 12: Angela Walters
Feb. 13: Debbie Grifka
Feb. 14: Tammie Schaffer
Feb. 17: Casey York
Feb. 18: Deb Rowden
Feb. 19: Melissa @ Generation Q magazine 
Feb. 20: Shea Henderson
Feb. 21: Diane Harris @ Quiltmaker Magazine

If you would like to purchase an autographed copy, click here to order.


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