Quiltmaker's 100 Block magazine giveaway winner!

I've picked a winner and it is Gregg! Congratulations!

Here's what he (she?) said:
I love the simplicity and harmony of this block. In it, I'd use fresh blues and greens offset with white. I might reverse block colors and alternate them when I assembled the quilt. So many possibilities! I guess that's why I've just started quilting - every piece can be so original even though the pattern might have been done 1000 times before. It's such a wonderful mystery that old can be new again...every time.

I love the sentiment!

Thanks to everyone who entered. I love reading what your vision for the block is. Such a creative bunch! It seemed like overall, red/white/blue and various shades of purples and greens were very popular!


  1. I bought your book just to see the quilting! It looks fabulous! Hi, I am Sandi, and I will be a fellow blogger for the American Made Brand fabrics. Please stop by my blog, and follow if you like! RenaissanceSandi.blogspot.com


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