What Does the Future Look Like from Here?

Today is my birthday. Birthdays are a wonderful time to reflect, take stock, make plans for the future.

Last month I became unemployed. The higher-ups, who know far more than me, decided to shut down my viable, important, meaningful-to-so-many-people company, leaving not only the thousands of quiltmakers who enjoy our books, but the team of the best authors, editors, artists and designers ever assembled (hyperbole intended) to create these books, without inspiration and without a job.

I think hit me so hard because a year ago, I made the decision to focus my career - my life - on book publishing, letting my personal ambitions fall by the wayside. I made the decision that The Modern Appliqué Workbook would be my last book and I would stop lecturing and teaching. And the blogging - that would stop too.

So now, here I lie on the floor with the rug gone wondering what happened.

I think I'll make a quilt!

(And I think I'll write another book or two, I'll teach some quilters how to appliqué and I'll talk to guilds about quiltmaking!)


  1. Happy Birthday!
    I hope you get past your bad news while you are immersed in creating a new quilt!
    Quilty Huggs,

  2. Yep - lost my job in the recession and never looked back. Thank goodness my husband had a good job!

    Happy Birthday! Have a great day and take care of yourself. Quilting will help!

  3. Happy Birthday. Making a quilt will be a great way to refocus. Prayers.

  4. Happy Birthday. Losing your job just sucks. which publishing company is this? Kansas City Star?

  5. What awful news, but I do wish you a happy birthday and hope it's a turning point to a bigger, brighter future.

  6. Maybe, just maybe this is the best gift you have ever received!!??
    Look at it from a "what have I always wanted to do?" perspective and you might look back on this as the best thing to have happened - and let your true light shine now!!!!

    And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Enjoy the view from the floor, think about the new rug you want and then get up and make it happen! And enjoy the new quilt you are creating!!! Sounds like nothing is going to stop you so get going and make it real!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jenifer! I'm praying you find a new opportunity soon. And thank you for your encouragement at QuiltCon. Getting to meet you was one of the biggest highlights of that trip!

  8. I have confidence there is something better in your future!


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