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I think it's time to bring back Quilting Tip of the Day! For more, go to my pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/42quilts/quilting-tip-of-the-day/

Quilting Tip of the Day: Cut your binding strips when you complete the quilt top and put it in a safe place. It's really easy to lose track of the fabric (or cut into it for something else!) you intend to use for binding while the quilt is being quilted. This is especially helpful if it takes a while to get the top quilted! (Ignore the furry arm. She just loves to be photographed!)


  1. yes I do this unless it is a scrappy quilt

  2. Where can we buy the Starburst quilt pattern?

  3. Where can we buy the Starburst quilt pattern? Love it!

  4. Right now Starburst is only available to those who take my class at Road to California in January or the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival in June 2016. It will be available in the future, but not yet! Thanks for asking!


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