TBT: Rec Team

For the next several Thursdays I'm going to highlight some of my past patterns that you might have missed! Today's TBT is Rec Team, a fun, mid-century modern inspired twin size quilt - perfect for the rec team player in your life!

Rec Team by Jenifer Dick
I love working in brights - especially rainbows! Anytime I can come up with a rainbow colorway I do. Mixed with shades of gray, the rainbow solids pop off the quilt. The two blocks that make up the quilt are 6" x 12" and when you add the offset borders, it finishes to 64" x 90". I think it would be just as lovely in a more controlled colorway as well - perhaps your athlete's team colors!

Everyday Inspiration
Mid-century architecture is a huge source of inspiration for me. I love how the designers of that era broke out of traditional, classic designs and started to see other possibilities. This attitude really translates well into fabric!

The inspiration for Rec Team
This photo is the inspiration for Rec Team. I saw it on Pinterest (where else!?) and was instantly drawn to the shapes and the movement. I'm not sure what this is actually a picture of, but it appears that it's a decorative cover for a car porch. I would love to drive home to this everyday! 

What drew me to it for a quilt design is how the positive and negative space in the first "block" are reversed for the second "block". And the secondary surprise that comes when joining the "blocks" is the wonderful movement that keeps your eye bouncing all over the place. You can also see this effect in the quilt.

Keep looking for inspiration all around you. You never know what you see that might make a great quilt!

Everyday Stitches
Everyday Stitches is a pattern company my quilting friend, Trisch Price, and I started to produce quality pattern for everyday stitchers! New patterns are coming out soon! 

You can get Rec Team and all the Everyday Stitches patterns at your local quilt shop or at www.everydaystitches.com 

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