How to make a great baby quilt

Nothing says welcome to the world better than a homemade baby quilt, even if it's for your great niece that lives two states away that you'll only see once a year!

When you throw your patterns out for public consumption, you never really know what is going to be popular and what isn't. You just go with your gut and hope for the best!

To my surprise, since Trish and I started publishing patterns under the Everyday Stitches brand in 2015, one of my quilts has been consistently a top seller. XOXO is a darling "modern" baby quilt. Not modern as in the aesthetic of modern - although it certainly has characteristics of a modern quilt - but modern as in it is what contemporary mothers want in a baby quilt.

I'm seeing tons of photos of baby rooms on social media, in catalogs and on TV and one thing stands out - mothers today aren't like we were! They want good, minimalist design (think IKEA furniture) and they don't necessarily want pink for girls and blue for boys. So it's time to step up our quilting game if we want our baby quilts to be used by today's moms!
XOXO is designed with a modern mother in mind! 
Easy and fast to make with a minimalist aesthetic,
it's perfect for the newest addition to your family tree!

XOXO was made in honor of my first great niece's birth. Her parents decorated her baby room in a beautiful chartreuse and dark gray - coincidently two of my favorite colors! It's very modern and can easily grow with the baby into childhood. Since I saw pictures of her room before hand, it was easier to make the quilt. I knew the colors and I knew that they would appreciate a quilt with modern characteristics. The quilt turned out perfect for her room!

If you know a baby coming with modern mother, here's some ideas to designing your own quilt for them!

Keep it Simple
1. If you put too much work into the quilt, the mother won't want to use it because it's "too nice". Something washable is best!

2. You need it to be easy so you can crank it out fast. Even though you have 9 months warning, those babies have a way of coming faster than you think!

3. Minimalism is popular right now, take advantage of that. Enlarge a traditional block and use that as the focal point. Switch values in the pieces. If you normally have the points and center of a sawtooth block a bright color and the background white, switch it and make the star white and the background the bright color. I did this in XOXO with the blocks. It's a nice, unexpected surprise!

4. Borders? Forget about them! Borders aren't necessary anymore, and borderless keeps things clean and fresh. Or, use XOXO as a guide and do asymmetrical borders to add a punch of color.

Where to buy XOXO
The XOXO pattern is available at fine
quilt shops - like Quilting is My Therapy in Liberty, Missouri. 
Or go to to order XOXO and see the rest of the Everyday Stitches quilt patterns!


  1. I love it when a simple design, easy to make quilt can be exciting as well. Win win all around.

    1. Thanks Shasta, and I agree - good design doesn't have to be complicated!

  2. Good points about making baby quilts. I also suggest washing it before giving it to the mom and baby so there's no temptation to keep it for show.

    1. Excellent idea, Brenda! It also lets the mom know it's "ok" to wash it. Some people are nervous about that!

  3. Great information! I love the quilt and I'm happy to see that other people do too!


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