Scrappy Delight or Retro Cool?

I guess it depends on how old you are how you "read" No Color Too Perfect!

the No Color Too Perfect quilt
Do you see a scrappy quilter's joy or
old-school 45 records when you see this?
When I made this quilt, my goal was to use up 5" charm squares I have accumulated from years of online swaps. After a while I realized I had to actually make something with them! This was my solution.

Each block is made of a 4-patch, 2-patch or 1-patch center made from the 5" charms. The circle is a gray and the background is either a solid or print, depending on how I felt at the time! The gray circles are gradated from light to black as you move down the quilt.

I also kept cool colors together within a block and alternated with warm colors to give the quilt some cohesion. Sometimes scrappy quilts can turn to visual mush if not done well, so I like to have some kind of way to keep the chaos from taking over!

It's named No Color Too Perfect because I love love seeing how colors play off each other when they are all in one quilt! No color is "more perfect" than another! (I realize that's grammatically incorrect!)

I never saw the 45 records in this quilt until I started showing it at guild meetings. One time a woman said "Oh, it looks like 45s!" We all got a laugh and continued on. A little bit later a sweet young lady tentatively put up her and and asked "What's a 45?" You can imagine the howls of laughter over that! (For all you youngsters out there, a 45 is an old-timey record!) Since then, it's been nicknamed "The 45 Quilt"

No matter what you see in this quilt, No Color Too Perfect will definitely bust your scrap bag - or at least put a dent in it! To purchase, click here and take a look at all the Everyday Stitches patterns while you're there!

No Color Too Perfect or The 45 Quilt?
You decide!


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