What every man should know before marrying a quilter

Quilters are a rare breed of hobbyists. Proceed with caution...

She will stand for hours washing and pressing yards and yards of fabric, but don’t ask her to iron your shirt
            …and if you need your pants hemmed, forget about it.

Don’t ever offer an opinion on a new quilt design unless you are specifically asked
            …and then proceed gingerly.

If there is a quilting deadline looming be prepared to fix your own dinner
            …and do the dishes after.

Every road trip starts with the two of you planning your route together, but she will intuitively know where all the quilt shops are along the way 
            …and you better be prepared to stop at every one.

The best sales for fabric are on Super Bowl Sunday
            …and she plans on going to all of them.

Her sewing machine probably cost more than your first car
            …and she treats it better.

Running errands usually includes a quick trip to JoAnn’s for “just a couple spools of thread”
            …and an hour of conversation with the lady at the cutting table discussing her latest project.

It may seem that quilting is an obsessive hobby that steals all her time from you
            …but you will always keep warm with her under a quilt made with love!


  1. I thought this was such a good post that I shared it on my Facebook page! I think most of it is relevant for friends, relatives, partners, and spouses. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Awww, thanks Beth! I'm glad it made you happy!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! It's all "sew" true! You have certainly started my day with a good laugh.

  4. Everyone should have something as a hobby that is this constructive! If you get tired of it, just get out one of those awesome quilts, wrap up in it and take a nap, you'll get over it fast!

  5. The only thing I disagree with is thread from anywhere but my local quilt shop. I want them to be around so I try to get whatever I can from them. :)

    1. Ahhh, Mary! You are lucky to live near a quilt shop! JoAnn's is the closest place to buy thread for me!


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