3 things quilters want you to know about the quilt they just made for you

Quiltmakers are compelled to make quilts! And quiltmakers tend to be generous! That leads to gifting their creations to family and friends – the lucky ones anyhow! Here’s the things she wants you to know about your new quilt!

1. USE IT! It was made especially for you with love and care! We want you to cuddle up with it on a cool night or use it brighten your home. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t “go” with your living room. It’s a piece of art meant to be used!
Belle the Squirrel 72" x 86"
by Jenifer Dick, 2015
From the book
The Appliqué Book by Casey York
I made this for my daughter, who requested
a squirrel quilt. It remains in my collection until
a future date when I'm ready to part with it! 

2. It’s okay to wash it – but gently. Wash it in the gentle cycle with a gentle soap, such as baby detergent, and tumble dry on low heat. You don’t have to wash it too often – only a few times a year is plenty unless it’s obviously dirty or stained.
Outside My Kitchen Window 40" x 60"
by Jenifer Dick, 2011
From the book
Quilt Retro
I made this for my husband who requested
a Cardinal quilt. It hangs in his office.

3. And please enjoy it! The quilter who made it for you chose you out of all her friends to receive this labor of love. She thought about you as she made it and couldn’t wait to see your face when you opened it up! Bask in all that love and know you are worthy of this quilt from your amazing friend!

Have you made a quilt for someone or received a quilt as a gift? How did your experience go?


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