7 Reasons to Invite 42 Quilts to Your Guild!

Guilds are always looking for new fun programs, and often they are remarkably hard to find. Here's 7 reasons why I would make a great speaker for YOUR guild!

1. It's all about the quilts! I bring many, many quilts to show and talk about - so many you'll be begging for mercy (at least the quilt holders will be)! I have been quilting for almost 25(!) years, so I have a lot to show. Three lectures are available to choose from with a new one coming in 2018! Click here for a listing of all my lectures.

Applique Baby! Yaaas! Even if appliqué isn't your thing,
you'll find something to love in these fun, bright, unusual quilts! 

2. Interwoven in the stories of my quilts, I tell you how I approach quiltmaking, design, and fabric selection - all intended for you to take away ideas to use on your next quilt. Who doesn't need more inspiration in their lives?

3. We laugh a lot! The backstories behind my quilts are often funny, and usually involve some kind of colossal failure on my part and how I fixed it! Go ahead and laugh at me, I do all the time!

4. I have a fun selection of workshops for you to learn something and expand your quilting skills:

Appliqué Three Ways Workshop
Appliqué not your thing? I bet I can change your mind with the Appliqué Three Ways workshop. Each participant learns a foolproof way to prepare appliqué shapes plus three ways to stitch them down. But the biggest bonus is that every participant FINISHES the top in class!

Applique Three Ways Workshop -
easy, foolproof appliqué for all skill levels.

The Exploding Nine-Patch Quilt Workshop
Want to piece an interesting optical illusion? Then the Exploding Nine-Patch Quilt workshop is for you. We talk about fabric selection to achieve the 3D effect of the block plus other tips to get points perfect. Everyone can finish a 4-block sampler in class, but if you love the blocks and want to keep going, you can make a throw quilt or a full size quilt at home.

The Exploding Nine-Patch Quilt Workshop -
learn how to get perfect points every time! 

Tools of the Trade Workshop
Interested in improv piecing but are a little intimidated and don't know where to start? The Tools of the Trade Quilt is designed to be a guided improv exercise that will introduce you to improv without the stress. After finishing the project, you'll have the skills and confidence to tackle any improv project!
Tools of the Trade Workshop - guided improv for all skill levels.

6. The SHOPPING! I bring a large selection of patterns and books for even MORE quilty inspiration!

7. Did I mention that we laugh a lot!?

If you're interested in hearing me in person, please pass my info along to your guild program chair: jenifer(@)42quilts.com I can't wait to meet you!

Jenifer Dick of 42quilts.com has been quilting for 24+ years
and loves nothing more than talking about quilts
with like-minded people! 
Click here for her full bio. 

Pssst... if you read this far into the post, you deserve a little something for your effort! My new lecture for 2018 is called Nine-Patch Revolution and it's all about nine-patch blocks! Don't worry, it's not just for beginners - everyone will find inspiration in the quilts. (And there might be a new book of the same name coming soon, but shhhh! that's a secret!)


  1. Jennifer came to our guild in Rolla, MO, and it was a big hit, both lecture and applique class. Love your quilts and patterns.

    1. Aww, you're so sweet! And I loved coming to Rolla - it's such a beautiful part of Missouri!

  2. Wish I could be there - it sounds like great fun. I live in the middle of the Indian Ocean, so unless you want to spend a few days in Mauritius, I will have to envy everybody taking part in this!

    1. I have to admit, I had to look up where Mauritius is on the map! I bet it is beautiful there! And yes, I would go there in a heartbeat!


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