The Exploding Four-Patch Quilt - New Pattern

The longer I make quilts, the more I love a good throw-size quilt. Honestly, I have more bed quilts than I can fold! But a throw size - something around 60" x 80" is the perfect size. You can finish it quickly and often times, you can quilt it yourself. It's the best size for snuggling on the couch watching TV, and everyone in your family can have their own! It also is a size where you can experiment with pattern and color without spending months on it!

That was the inspiration behind The Exploding Four-Patch Quilt - I wanted to play, but I didn't want to take up too much time or supplies in the process. I think the final product turned out just how I wanted - graphic, colorful, and with a hint of tradition!

The Exploding Four-Patch Quilt
60" x 80"
(Quilted by Tia Curtis)

I started with a traditional block. Look closely, do you see it? Although it has a few names, it's most commonly called the LeMoyne Star. Historically, the LeMoyne star is made with diamonds and lots of set-in seams. This is problematic for a lot of quilters (including me)! So some ingenious soul figure out that if you use half-square triangles instead of diamonds, you avoid the whole set-in seam dilemma. It's slightly different, but the contemporary version today is used interchangeably with the traditional version and very few are the wiser!

Traditional LeMoyne Star made with diamonds.

Contemporary LeMoyne Star made with half-square triangles.

I took it one step further and played around with color placement to create a block that looks like it is jumping off the quilt. I call it Exploding Four-Patch! By further experimenting with color, I settled on shades of gray for the active part of the block and rainbow colors for the backgrounds, making it a little unexpected. But by doing it this way, the blocks pop off the rainbow colors!

The Exploding Four-Patch block. You can see its traditional roots,
but color and value placement make it look so contemporary! 

Patterns are available at your local quilt shop,
at my shop or by instant download.

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