Quilt of the Week - Welcome Home

Welcome Home by Jenifer Dick, ca. 2008
21" x 21"
No pattern available.

The pineapple is the universal symbol of hospitality and welcome and it makes a great quilt! The most fun thing about pineapple quilts is choosing the fabric. If you look at a real pineapple you can see it is actually a bunch of squares set on point. To make your pineapple block, look for checked fabric and cut it on the bias to get the same effect:
You can see my fabric is checked. I cut it on the bias to add
another level of visual interest. Then the checks are quilted
to add texture. Don't have checked fabric? Then just use what
you have and quilt the lines as if it were checked fabric.

I made this quilt quite a while ago, it's definitely before I discovered modern quilting. I still love the rich "homey" colors of the earth tones, black and red.

Although there isn't a pattern for this quilt, I designed this pineapple block for one of the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks issue. Maybe 2007-2009. I can't remember. (That's why we label quilts, although I'm not so good at taking my own advice!)

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