Jenifer's Birthday Blowout! Wednesday!

Welcome to Day 3 of my birthday party! This is my birthday week, so I thought I'd throw a big party - and you're invited! Each day this week I'm going to have a special, a giveaway or a freebie!

Today's event: Buy my new book - Nine-Patch Revolution and get one of my patterns FREE! I'll pick the pattern, but it will be one you love! This event is for today only! All orders placed before midnight, central time, will get the free pattern. After that, you just get the book - which is incentive enough I should think! Click here for this special.

Today is my ACTUAL birthday! How cool that my birthday is pi day (3.14)! I've always wanted to make a birthday quilt to celebrate, but never quite got around to it. My original plan was to make a quilt with a literal piece of pie on it! I thought that would be funny. Over the years though, that's become a little cliche. Now what?

Jenifer's Birthday Quilt (Pi Day!)
18" x 27"
Then I started thinking about how I could visually represent pi. I did a bit of research and discovered Feynman's Point - or the Six Nines. Feynman's Point is at the 762nd place in pi where there are six nines in a row. The joke is you can memorize to that point and then say "...999999.... and so on." I'm not going to memorize any of pi, so I decided to make six nine-patch blocks and say "and so on!" instead!

Once I got the quilt done, I realized that it not only is my birthday quilt, it's also a self portrait! I love using all the colors of the rainbow in my quilts and I love shades of gray! Once I stood back and looked at it, I realized this tiny quilt represented "me" perfectly! I love that!

Whether it's your birthday today or not, I hope you have a great day! And have a piece of cake for me!

Don't forget Monday and Tuesday's events are still going on!

Monday's Special:
It's a deep, deep discount on The Modern Appliqué Workbook! For just $10 you can own your own autographed copy! This is the deepest discount I've ever offered on this book and it probably won't be repeated again! Click here to order. (Note: when you order, it will say the book is $7, but there is $3 s/h - $7+$3=$10!)

Tuesday's Special:
I made this MAKER banner to celebrate my love of creating! How perfect is this for anyone's sewing room (or space)! Now, I want you to have it! To enter the contest, comment on Tuesday's post with where you would hang this quilt in your house! You can also enter 2 more times by going to FB and IG and liking the post about this giveaway. I'll pick the winner Friday, March 16, so hurry!


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