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Hi! I'm Jenifer Dick of 42 Quilts and I love to talk about quilting! I'm best known as the author of five (soon to be six!) quiltmaking books and as the creator of the Modern Monday quilt along.

This is me! Jenifer Dick
Early Years
I began quilting in 1993 when on a whim, I signed up for a beginning quiltmaking class. I was buying cross stitch supplies (that was my first crafty love!) at a quilt shop when I saw a flyer for a beginner's class. The project was all done by hand, which was good because I didn't own a machine at the time. I love cross stitching, but I saw what the quilting girls were doing with all the colors and fabrics and I was a bit envious. I wanted to see what it was all about! From that first stitch I was hooked! You know that feeling you get when you're quilting? Part exhilaration, part zen? I had it in spades!

I spent the next eight years getting married, having three babies and moving five times to three different states and yes, quilting! In 2001, I discovered appliqué and it changed my quilting life. I have been speaking to guilds and teaching appliqué (and piecing!) to quiltmakers ever since. In 2005, I wrote my first book, Grapefruit Juice and Sugar for Kansas City Star Quilts.

Since then, I've written four more books - The Circuit Rider's Quilt, Quilt Retro, Stories in Stitches and The Modern Appliqué Workbook - with another on the way in 2018. And my work has been published in many other books and magazines.

42 Quilts
In 2009, the year I turned 42, I started this blog - 42 Quilts. Back then, I had a ridiculous idea that I would make 42 quilts in a year. That didn't happen, but the blog continued! Today, 42 Quilts focuses on educating new quilters an providing fun for experience quilters! The fun carries over to Facebook on my page: 42 Quilts. Click like over there so you don't miss any of the quilty fun! Also, join me on Instagram @jeniferdick

Kansas City Star Quilts
For a while, I was an editor of really cool quilting books at Kansas City Star Quilts. I worked with so many talented people like Bonnie Hunter, Betsy Chutchian and Dawn Heese. I have a journalism degree and was a magazine editor in my former life, so this was a perfect marriage of my professional training and my love of quilting. But that career wasn't destined to last as KC Star Quilts was sold to C&T Publishing a couple of years back.

Everyday Stitches
With the ending of my job, I needed a change. That's when Trisch Price of Hadley Street Quilts and I started our own pattern company. In 2015 we started Everyday Stitches as an outlet to share our patterns outside the confines of a book. Our goal is to marry our knowledge of publishing with our quilt designs to produce quality, fun-to-make quilts for everyday stitchers! We currently offer 10 patterns with more being added soon. Click here to see the entire line of patterns.

Now I spend my time traveling to speak to quilt guilds and to teach quilters what I know about quiltmaking! I offer a variety of informative and fun trunk shows and workshops to fit every skill level. Click on the Lecture & Workshops tab for more information.

I live in Harrisonville, MO, with my husband and two cats. We are all adjusting to the empty nest left when the three kids grew up and left. But, that leaves me with more time to spend in the studio!

Contact me at jenifer (at) 42quilts.com

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